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Edward K. Nomoto, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA & Santa Monica, CA

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Dr. Edward K. Nomoto always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 13 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Edward Nomoto below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Kamran S.
Submitted 09/06/21
Dr. Edward Nomoto is one of the best spine surgeons. That is from my experience with him. I recommend him to everybody. He also is a very nice person and friendly. Thank you Dr. Nomoto! - Kamran Sheen
Kamran S.
Submitted 09/06/21
Dr. Nomoto definitely he is one of the best surgeons. This is from my experience with him. I recommend him to everybody. He is very friendly person. Thank you Dr. Nomoto!
Margaret T.
Submitted 03/15/21
Dr. Nomoto is the best! In June of 2020 I had a microdisectomy with Dr. Nomoto. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I only wish I’d done it sooner. I’d been in pain for seven months for spinal stenosis from a badly herniated L3-L4 disc. I’d tried injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, pain killers, and muscle relaxants. Injections gave me at best two weeks of relief. I couldn’t walk more than two blocks. I was on medical leave from my teaching job. I was 57 and afraid that I would end up in a wheelchair before I was 60. I was nervous about surgery but from my visit, Dr. Nomoto allayed my fears. His staff was totally on top of all the tests, etc. required before surgery which was an extra challenge since it was during the peak of Covid-19. I had surgery on a Tuesday morning and arrived home by 11:00am. That very afternoon I was walking around the garden, pain-free except for very minor pain at the very small incision site. The next day I was going up and down the stairs and walking 10 minutes without pain. Now, at six months post surgery, I walk 40 minutes twice a day, I’m doing yoga and tap dancing again. If I need any other back/neck surgeries in the future, I will not hesitate a minute before going to Dr. Nomoto. Thanks to him, I have my life back and can return to the work and hobbies I love.
Matthew H.
Submitted 07/09/20
After nearly ten years of pain and a previous fushion of my cervical discs at C4-C5 I met Dr. Namoto. My previous surgery was moderately successful but the recovery process was horrible and I did not receive total relief. Dr. Namoto chose to perform ADR, Artificial Disc Replacement surgery at C3-C4. The surgery was a complete success, relieving all my symptoms leaving me pain free for the first time in nearly a decade. The recovery was a breeze and nowhere near as difficult as my previous operation. Dr. Nomoto is the best.
Summer B.
Submitted 07/09/20
Dr. Nomoto is so kind. He genuinely cares about his patients and their well being. He made me feel very comfortable and confident about choosing to have my surgery. Reassuring me that it would be a good decision and my quality of life would increase. He was very compassionate and understanding to all my concerns and made the decision to have the surgery very easy. Thank you dr for giving me my life back. I can’t explain the gratitude I have because of how much better I feel
Yaakov R.
Submitted 06/24/20
Very welcoming environment. Everybody from the front desk up to the doctor are amazing. Doctor Nomoto was very friendly very knowledgeable and took the time to answer each and every one of my questions and concerns. After years of debilitating neck shoulder and hand pain tingling and numbing sensations. Doctor Nomoto performed cervical disc replacement C5 to C6 and C6 to C7 And after years of neurological issues and pain I woke up with instant relief And I've been able to get back to martial arts full force. With no limitations thanks to Dr Nomoto and his amazing staff.
Michele S.
Submitted 04/11/20
Dr. Namoto and his staff are wonderful. They made me feel safe and secure in their hands. I have no pain in my back now and can work again. Thank you all.
Michele S.
Submitted 03/25/20
Everyone was very professional but also warm attentive, and made me feel so comfortable.
Diana K.
Submitted 03/25/20
It is always a great experience when I have appointments with Dr. Nomoto. The surgery I had gave me back my life!
Susan D.
Submitted 02/26/19
I felt confident with Dr. Nomoto’s expertise. I appreciated his patience, and his clear explanations of my disease, and what to expect with the treatment he proposed. I would recommend Dr. Nomoto to my friends and family.
Kelli F.
Submitted 01/17/19
Feel free to read my whole story, but the overall message is that Dr. Nomoto performed live-changing spinal fusion (ALIF) surgery on my L5-S1, 5 months ago and I'm 90% pain free, and thus have a new life. On top of that, he's a cool guy and enjoyable to go down the surgical path with. For the last 10 years I suffered with daily lower back pain. I now know it was a deteriorating disc. In the early years I tried intense physical therapy, chiropractor, and acupuncture combined with cupping. Until I was bone on bone, the acupuncture/cupping with Cindy Rosenberg kept my pain at bay. Being pregnant and then caring around a 20 pound baby made things significantly worse to the point that I was on daily Vicodin and even walking with a cane in the mornings. Over the last three years after trying every minimally invasive procedure possible (injections, PRP, rhizotomy) and then after an MRI showed I was bone on bone, it was determined that surgery was the only option. After much research and several referrals, I decided to work with Dr. Nomoto. He also came highly recommended from 2 other top LA doctors. He won't tell you what his exact success rate is, but after asking multiple doctors I believe it's around 90%. Five months ago I had Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery (ALIF) performed on my L5-S1. Dr. Rao was my cardiovascular surgeon who essentially went in through my stomach and moved my arteries to the side to make way for the spinal surgeon. Then Dr. Nomoto performed the ALIF. After three weeks I was completely off pain medication and after six weeks it was clear the surgery was a success. I now have a 90% pain reduction and am able to go about daily life. The biggest challenge was that for the first three months post surgery I could not lift my 11 month old baby, or anything over 8 pounds. It was a challenge, but completely worth it. I had my 3 month post op appt and got the all clear to hold my baby, do a sit up, and start gentle yoga. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I never knew that a life this free of pain would ever be possible for me. I cannot thank Dr. Nomoto enough, but hopefully others will read this review and decide to let him change their life as well. :)
Kevan W.
Submitted 01/16/19
Before Surgery: I have been an avid sportsman my whole life. Despite recurring back problems, I always pushed through and continued to play sports and train at the gym. After taking a hard fall and moving heavy equipment, I felt my back pain escalate past the point of no return. Epidurals were no longer working. I experienced shooting leg pains, numbness and a foot drop when I finally decided to consulted with Dr. Nomoto. He told me I had spondylolisthesis and a herniated disc and advised that there could be a considerable risk if I wait for treatment. He got me in right away! He thoroughly explained the benefit of a minimally invasive microdiscectomy at Lumbar 3 – Lumbar 4. Life Now: I feel I am even stronger than ever since my surgery in 2013! I frequently weight train and continue to play sports. It was a paralyzing thought to wonder if I would ever be active again. I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Dr. Nomoto for giving me the chance to thrive again.
Deborah P.
Submitted 12/06/18
Prior to surgery, I was bent over at a 45-degree angle. People used to think I was looking for money on the ground. With confidence, compassion & expertise Dr. Nomoto displayed, I would have gotten the surgery a long time ago. My advice to you is... just go for it!