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Robotic Spine Surgery Specialist

Edward K. Nomoto, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA & Santa Monica, CA

Robotic Spine Surgery Q & A


Robotic Surgery is not the future, it’s now!

Dr. Nomoto is one of the first to offer the latest surgical technology to his patient’s in order to provide enhanced surgical care.


Before entering the OR, Dr. Nomoto will use the Robotics’ 3D functionality to plan an optimal surgery in a CT-based 3D stimulation of the patient’s spine. In addition, computer analytics provide Dr. Nomoto pre-operative data and intra-operative guidance during the procedure. With Robotic technology, Dr. Nomoto operates with precision and efficiency.

Robotic Spine Surgery AND Minimally Invasive Surgery 

With Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and smaller incisions, limited view of patient’s anatomy can become a challenge. Robotic Spine Surgery will help overcome this challenge with a 3D comprehensive surgical plan that gives Dr. Nomoto information and visualization during surgery.

Robotic Spine Surgery will become the standard of care.

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