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Outpatient Surgery Specialist

Edward K. Nomoto, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA & Santa Monica, CA

Outpatient Surgery

Traditionally "open surgery" Is usually performed. This means that the area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow the surgeon to view and access the anatomy. However, technological advances have allowed more back and neck conditions to be treated with a minimally invasive surgical technique in an outpatient setting.

Because minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), does not involve a long incision, it avoids significant damage to the muscles surrounding the spine resulting in less pain after surgery and a faster recovery.

The indications for minimally invasive spine surgery are the same as those for traditional open surgery.  

There are numerous minimally invasive techniques. The common thread between all of them is that they use smaller incisions and cause less muscle damage.

Minimally invasive techniques can be used for following procedures:

  • Cervical artificial disc replacement
  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
  • Lumbar artificial disc replacement
  • Cervical & Lumbar micro decompression
  • Cervical & Lumbar micro discectomy
  • XLIF procedure (Minimally Invasive Lateral Lumbar Fusion)
  • Coflex procedure (Spinous Process stabilization)
  • Minimally invasive cervical and lumbar fusions
  • Anterior Lumbar Fusions

What are the benefits of an Outpatient Surgery Center vs. Hospital?

  • Decreased risk of infection.
  • Decreases the length of stay.
  • Decreased financial burden to the patient. Overnight stays in the hospital is a significant expense.
  • More personal and patient friendly staff.

Minimally Invasive Spine surgery is providing substantial benefits over traditional techniques for a number of surgical procedures in Outpatient Surgery Centers.

Dr Nomoto offers a myriad of outpatient surgery treatment options including advanced safe minimally invasive surgery. Call or book your consultation online to visit one of his Southern California locations: Located in Beverly Hills, Ca and Santa Monica, Ca


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