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Laminotomy/ Laminectomy


Laminotomy/ Laminectomy

Laminotomy/ foraminotomy is a minimally invasive technique removing the minimal amount of bone for visualization to ensure safe decompression of the nerve and removal of offending structures. This is opposed to a laminectomy which removes the entire back of the vertebra and posterior ligaments. Dr. Nomoto offers successful stenosis surgery that removes any bone and tissue that’s squeezing the nerves with a minimally invasive approach.

The goal is to make space for the spinal cord and nerves to run through as they would in a normal spinal structure. Surgery could increase your mobility and even restore sensation in your arms and legs if you lost it due to nerve compression.

Dr. Nomoto helps you to assess whether surgery is the right option to alleviate your pain and symptoms. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms that sound like stenosis, Dr. Nomoto can provide you with top quality care and minimally invasive treatment options to alleviate your pain. Book online or call one of his three southern California offices.

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